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A Lawyer Fighting Against Discrimination

While there are many state and federal laws that have been established to protect the rights of employees, cases of employment discrimination appear across the nation every single day.

At the law office of Jeffrey A. Taylor, P.C., we strive to help our clients find the most fair and effective legal resolutions when they have been discriminated against at their workplace.

Since 1994, our Oklahoma City law firm has been vigorously defending employees throughout the central region who have experienced illegal employment discrimination resulting from their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, religion, etc. We understand your rights and will do what is necessary to protect them.

Have You Been Discriminated Against At Work? Consult With Us Right Away

Over the past two decades, founding lawyer Jeffrey A. Taylor has provided knowledgeable and competent legal advocacy to men and women who have been subjected to a wide range of discriminatory actions at their workplaces, including:

  • Refusal to hire
  • Denied promotion
  • Unequal treatment
  • Unequal discipline
  • Termination
  • Denial of pay increase
  • Adverse employment actions

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a U.S. government agency that enforces federal employment discrimination laws. Most employers with 15 or more employees are included in the various EEOC laws.

You only have a certain period of time to make an EEOC claim. Contact us today.

When you consult with our firm, Oklahoma City employment discrimination attorney Jeffrey A. Taylor will meet with you during a confidential, one-on-one consultation. Our team will learn about the discrimination you have experienced and help you understand your rights under federal law, including the Civil Rights Act.

We understand how stressful your situation may be, especially if you are at risk of losing your job or your employer has already terminated your job in retaliation for making a claim. We will work closely with you throughout the entire legal process, serving as your liaison with the EEOC and keeping you informed and up to date on your case status.

If your discrimination claim cannot be resolved or settled, we will take immediate action by filing a civil lawsuit. Whatever your matter, we will skillfully represent your case in court to obtain the damages you are entitled to for your economic loss, emotional distress and attorney fees and costs.

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We invite you to contact the law office of Jeffrey A. Taylor, P.C., at 405-286-1600, in Edmund, regarding your employment law issues. We return calls promptly. Our law firm represents clients throughout the Oklahoma City metro area. All cases are taken on a contingency fee basis — no recovery, no fee.