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Providing Remedies For Workplace Retaliation

Have you been fired from your job because you made a claim regarding unfair or unethical treatment at your workplace? Employer retaliation of any kind is unlawful, and the law office of Jeffrey A. Taylor, P.C., in Edmund, can help you prove it.

Based in Oklahoma City, our expansive employment and labor law firm represents employees throughout the central region who have been wrongfully retaliated against by their employers for asserting their employee rights. Contact us today to discover your legal remedies.

Demoted? Suspended? Terminated? Stop Employer Retaliation With Our Help

Led by founding lawyer Jeffrey A. Taylor, our law firm has been providing strong and reliable legal advocacy to employees since 1994. Our Oklahoma City workplace retaliation attorney is highly knowledgeable of the state and federal laws that protect employees from unfair and unethical treatment at work.

Over the years, our team has helped clients who have been victimized in retaliatory actions by their employers, involving:

  • Demotion
  • Write-ups
  • Suspension
  • Pay reductions
  • Termination

We are determined to hold Oklahoma employers responsible for taking adverse actions against employees who have filed discrimination, harassment or overtime and wage complaints.

Our whistleblower retaliation attorney will work with you during one-on-one consultations to learn about your circumstances and help you understand how you are protected under the laws enforced by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC), as well as other state and federal statutes.

If you believe that you have experienced employer retaliation, we urge you to consult with Jeffrey A. Taylor, P.C. immediately. The sooner you contact our firm, the quicker we can get started righting the wrongs you experienced at your workplace.

Let A Wrongful Termination Attorney Help You

We invite you to contact the law office of Jeffrey A. Taylor, P.C., at 405-286-1600 regarding your employment law issues. We return calls promptly. Our law firm represents clients throughout the Oklahoma City metro area. All cases are taken on a contingency fee basis — no recovery, no fee.